7 Ways You Can Help Save a Life Today

If you’re a follower of ours on Instagram or Facebook, you see daily efforts we are making to benefit English Setter rescues and help as many dogs as possible. My goal is to use Winston’s account as a platform for good. The more followers we acquire, the more opportunities we have to raise donations, find foster homes, and potential adopters, and raise awareness about the countless dogs abandoned and discarded.

I receive a lot of questions from followers asking how they can get involved and help, and that’s seriously one of the best things anyone can ask. I work with Our English Setter Rescue, (although there are many rescues ready for your help)! Here are the ways you can help today:

  1. Be a Foster Parent

The more approved foster homes OESR has, the more dogs they are able to save. The 38411861_232954794024534_8425310707452477440_nrescue is approached daily by shelters, individuals, other breed rescues, and more finding setters that need to be rehomed. Because of the lack of available fosters, OESR has to turn down requests. To apply to foster, simply fill out a form and a volunteer will screen you for more information. For more information about fostering, reach out to me.

2. Give a Little (or A Lot)

Donations are always appreciated and can help pay for vetting, heartworm treatments, and so much more. You can donate through Paypal here, or organize your own Fundraiser through GoFundMe or Facebook and get your friends involved.

3. Adopt an English Setter

For your next English Setter, consider adopting one of many needing home. Visit OESR’s Available Dogs page to see the beautiful English Setters currently in foster homes and waiting to be adopted.

4. Road Trip with Us38411787_2178053192480091_732110199606738944_n

Often dogs pop up all around the country and OESR uses volunteers to drive 1-2 hour legs to get a dog from point A to point B. These road trips remove the dog from a shelter and get them to their foster home, or from their foster home to their forever home. Fill out the transport form to volunteer to drive for the rescue.

  1. Spread the Word

A lot of times we have exhausted our own connections and resources and need to get the word out to a larger pool of people. Follow Our English Setter Rescue on Facebook and help us share when opportunities come up to help dogs. Tell your followers about the work they’re doing to help dogs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Word of mouth helps so much and helps promote rescue in general. Many people simply don’t know how many wonderful dogs are out there awaiting homes.

  1. Shop with Our Partners

Places you already shop donate portions to support nonprofits such as Amazon Smile, Bark Good Program, and Bissell Partner for Pets. Every time you shop, you can be earning money for the rescue. Check out this list of partners and how you can help by shopping!

7. Visit Potential Fosters and Adopters’ Homes

Many fosters and adopters are out there waiting for to help, but they need to have an approved home visits first. The rescue doesn’t always have the resources to travel to approve the home before bringing a dog in so we search for volunteers to help. Keep an eye on the Our English Setter Rescue Facebook page for these opportunities.




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