The People Behind the Pooches

It’s not often we’re in front of the camera. Winston and Ivy Jane are too busy running 36483891_10155591016453587_4557413170997624832_nthis show for there to be time for that.

I’m Emily, and this is my husband Nathan. In front of us are Miss Ivy Jane and Sir Winston, our two English Setters. We live in a small rural town in western Kentucky and live every day to make sure these two tails continue to wag. When I’m not spending time with my dogs, I work in marketing for a sporting goods company and manage websites such as,,,, and

If you ran into us at the dog park, on a hiking trail, or on the street walking the pups, the conversation would be about them and not us. And that’s how I like it! I feel safe when I’m with them and my husband.

I hope this blog is a welcome, open space you can come to gush about your dog, relate to other dog moms and pop pops, and learn something new to benefit you and your pup. Please feel free to reach out. I would love to hear from you!

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