BarkBox: Is it Really Worth it?

When we started using BarkBox two years ago, we went into it completely blind. We had no prior information and we didn’t know anyone else using it at the time. We saw a coupon code and thought, why not? Let’s try it. In those two years, we’ve learned a lot about the dog toy and treat subscription service.

How it Works:

First, choose your size of dog – small (0 to 20 lbs.), medium (20 to 50 lbs.), or large (50 lbs. and up). All boxes are the same, regardless of the size. And if you have a growing puppy who first is a size small and progresses into a medium or large, simply change your preferences! For our two English Setters (Winston at 54 lbs., and Ivy at 35 lbs.) we chose the medium size.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.25.13 AM

Secondly, select your monthly plan. The subscription price decreases the more months up front you choose. There is free shipping on all BarkBox plans to anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 9.24.10 AM

Let’s Break Down the Price:

Say you select the best deal for your buck – a 12-month subscription for $21.

What’s in a Box:

Toy – Radiant Rhonda Plush

Toy – Kinda Spiky Punch Squeaker

Treats – Koha Omega Strips

Treats – Bark Best Treats Ever

Chew – Yumm! Crunchy Pork Apple

36684857_10155594076603587_2349498414019903488_nEach toy ranges in price from around $12-$16, treats around $5-$10, and chews are around $3-$6. On the low-end of each, the total comes to $32. You’re saving at least $11 a month in toys and treats.

If you’re like me and are always picking up toys, treats, and bones at the pet store, BarkBox is a fantastic way to ensure you’re not overspending. You save money through the subscription service and can avoid the temptation of the pet or department store because you know your monthly refill is coming.

Tip: Plans automatically renew so if you’re wanting to cancel, make sure to set a calendar reminder before the period is about to end. You can actually cancel your renewal at anytime!

But even more special to me than the logistical price breakdown is the beauty of BarkBox entire experience from receiving one straight to your door and unboxing it.

The Experience of Unboxing a BarkBox:

I online shop primarily and receive gobs and gobs of different brown boxes to my door 36633835_10155594075208587_4992553775387377664_nstep every week or so. These boxes go ignored by my two dogs. But when I bring in a BarkBox – everything changes. The dogs begin jumping up and down, tails are wagging, drool is collecting, eyes never leave the box, whining commences, and they absolutely just cannot wait to see what’s inside.

Truly, BarkBox makes it an event to receive your monthly box. Everything from the tissue paper to the box’s instruction to a fun photo prop for you dog to the actual toys and treats inside are carefully thought out and themed with a new theme each month. BarkBoxes each have fun themes that correspond with holidays, seasons, national events, or timely pop culture.

Personalize Your Box:

 If your dog doesn’t enjoy or destroys a type of toy or has an allergy or indifference to a type of treat, contact BarkBox customer service and they will send you an alternative. They will also make notes on your profile for the future to give you a better customer experience the next time.

36596075_10155594127753587_3980134674100912128_nIf your dog destroys a toy instantly or doesn’t like it, BarkBox will send you a new one! If your dog destroys every toy, they will upgrade your dog to a heavy-chewer box for no extra charge. Each toy is unique, exciting, and enriching for your dog that they have never seen before.e

If your canine has allergies, all BarkBoxes are wheat, corn, and soy free! If your dog is allergic to any specific meat, BarkBox will provide alternatives! All treats are sourced from the United States and Canada!

 What Really Keeps Us Coming Back:

 Honestly, the reason we continue to subscribe is BarkBox customer service. You can always reach a customer service representative and they are always willing to make sure you’re happy with the products! The Scout’s Honor Guarantee, which promises if you aren’t happy with something that arrives in your BarkBox, you will get a replacement for free!

BarkBox will send out emails to add more of your favorites like what you received in your box, or add in additional bones or treats to your box without worrying about an additional shipping charge.

If you haven’t tried BarkBox, order with this link to earn Winston and Ivy a free BarkBox next month!

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